The secret of photography

 What i can see, maybe is not  important for you.
But, it is my secret! 
What i see, becomes important if i take the photo.
The secret remains after the shooting. 
But, if you could see the photo, 
then, you could see what i show.
Look at my photo,
 and you will know my secret. 
You may know my secret now, 
but you never could know why it was important for me.
That's the secret of photography.
John Glynos
All photos by John Glynos: you may copy only for personal use

Now that you have see all the photos, 
 i must tell you that there is no secret here.
But, the photos are very important for me,
 because i spent my time and life, taking photos testing:
 the lag time, 
the auto exposure,
 the creative filters,
the auto focus,
the colors,
the easy of use, 
and many other operations for these cameras.

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